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There’s a lot of talk about juicing and cleanses now days and that’s exciting! The world should know the health benefits of juicing, but most of us still don’t really know the differences between various juices available out there. Well, not all juices are created equal and at Greenleaf we hold ourselves to the highest standard for quality, responsibility, and healthiness. We encourage our customers to hold their wellness to the same standard. Living healthy is living more.


LOCAL ORGANIC PRODUCE: We don’t cut corners choosing our ingredients.  We use 100% organic produce, as defined by the highest standards of organic farming. Meet the majority of our farms right here in the Pacific Northwest via Ladybug Farms:

JUST THAT, PRODUCE: Our drinks are made with 100% fresh fruits and vegetables. No fillers, no concentrate, no added sugar, no honey, no dairy, no yogurt; only raw produce that is delivered fresh every single day (and used shortly thereafter).

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RAW: The world has come up with a lot of ways to treat something that nature perfected long ago. We don’t mess with it. Our pressed juice is 100% raw. Never heated. Never flash pasteurized. Never high pressure processed (HPP). Never sunburnt with UV rays. We don’t make the juice one place, ship it to another to be treated, and then ship it to yet another where it sits and waits for you for days…even weeks. The good stuff lives for days not weeks in a bottle.  We make it right here in front of you, every day.  We don’t do anything to kill or denature the abundance of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients that live in the juice. After all, that’s why we drink it.

NUTRITION-FOCUSED: We have your health and wellness in mind. Anyone can make something tasty but how healthy is it? That’s the hard part.  Our recipes are crafted to maximize nutrition but not sacrifice taste. Vegetables people!

SUSTAINABLE: Our waste product is almost entirely compostable or recyclable.  The juice pulp, the produce scraps, the cups, the lids, the straws–all compostable!

AFFORDABLE: Juicing can be a spendy lifestyle, so we take great pride in our pricing. We want our community to make a habit out of a healthy diet, so we price it as best we can to accommodate that without sacrificing quality.

Greenleaf Juice Cleanse Quote

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