Stay with us for some healthy fun:

We believe life is

better when you

keep it real.

Our purpose


To help people live their healthiest, happiest lives through real food and inspiring sustainable, healthy change in our community.

Our philosophy



Be true to who you are and what you believe.
Cultivate a culture of authenticity and transparency.
Eat real, organic foods that make you feel good.
Care about your impact on people and planet.
Do what you love.

Responsibly grown, fresh and organic plants. Nothing else.
Our expert team of foodies and nutritionists craft unique recipes that deliver a balance of essential nutrients and delicious flavors. We carefully curate our 100% organic ingredients from local, responsible and eco-friendly farms, so you can trust you’re getting the highest quality ingredients.

No food industry BS
No advertising tricks
No processed ingredients
No preservatives
No added sugars
No fillers (water, store-bought juice, etc.)
No genetic modification (GMOs)
No pasteurization
No artificial anything

Transparency is everything. Every ingredient of every product is listed on our menu and all nutritional facts are listed online.

Greenleaf is its employees. Our people are the soul of the company, driving its purpose with the collective belief that we can make the world a better place. We believe a good business puts people first. Combined with the shared values and support of our customers, we can drive healthy change.

From the beginning, Greenleaf has been dedicated to being a business that not only operates sustainably but fights for the preservation of our environment and ecosystems. Today, it’s more important than ever and we remain committed to prioritizing planet over profits within our own business, as well as our partners and community. Here are a few ways we’re putting the planet at the heart of our business:

  • All of our to-go cups, lids, straws, utensils and bowls are, and have always been, 100% plant-based, biodegradable and compostable (we also offer reusable, for-here options at all locations).
  • We encourage using reusable containers by giving an industry-leading 25¢ discount on any order when you bring in a reusable container. We offer reusable, stainless steel straws, tumblers and growlers at all locations.
  • A portion of all cold-pressed bottles proceeds are donated to Ecotrust, a Portland-based non-profit dedicated to preserving our environment and ecosystems.


Our roots


Greenleaf was founded by two friends that left the corporate world to make the real world a healthier place. With that simple goal, Matt Trenkle and Garret Flynn quit their jobs and put all of their savings into opening a small juice cart in the heart of Portland, Oregon. The idea was simple – to make being healthy easier. They committed to using only the highest quality, raw ingredients from organic farms. In no time, people were lining up to get their unique, delicious and nutritious recipes. Today, Greenleaf continues to make it easier for thousands of busy people to get fresh and organic foods, while leading a movement to make the industry more transparent, sustainable and real.

Organic for a reason.


Organic crops contain more essential antioxidants like vitamin C, Iron, magnesium and phosphorus – and significantly less nitrates than conventional crops.

With raw foods, using organic is even more important to protect your body from harmful chemicals. By law, foods certified organic also cannot contain any GMOs.

Organic ingredients are free of preservatives that artificially extend shelf-life. We make everything fresh from scratch and prioritize sourcing organic produce from local farms.

Organically grown foods taste better because of being grown in more well-balanced soil that produces healthier, stronger plants with more antioxidants.

Organic farming without toxic pesticides supports sustenance, protects our environment, promotes biodiversity and ensures we’re not harming wildlife, ecology or people.

For us, transparency is easy, because we’re committed to ALWAYS being 100% organic – not just “some ingredients” or “when it’s available.” It’s always available, so we keep it real.

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