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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Greenleaf Juice truly raw or artificially treated like most juices (HPP, heat, UV)?

Our pressed juice is 100% organic and truly raw (not treated with heat or pressure to create an artificial shelf-life), meaning 100% of the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and micronutrients stay intact. We prefer to press it freshly every single day for you rather than create an artificial month-long (or more) shelf life.

What kind of cleanses do you offer?

6 a Day: 6 pints per day ($42/day for pick-up, $54/day for delivery)
3 a Day: 3 pints per day ($22/day for pick-up)
Build Your Own: Select number of days, number of juices per day, and daily pick-up time (or delivery option), and we do the rest. Feel free to choose which drinks you do or don’t like. We delivery any quantity over 6 juices (ask for custom pricing).  Note: we do not customize specific ingredient preferences but do have custom menus to accommodate a number of common food allergies and preferences.

What is included in each cleanse?

3 a Day: a total liquid cleanse, recommended for seasoned vets.  We’ve crafted a menu that includes 4 pressed rotating juices, emphasizing green juices and a balance between fruit and vegetables, as well as two nut milks (1 cashew milk, 1 almond + pressed juice mixture).

6 a Day: a hybrid cleanse, recommended for beginners,  meant to be consumed during traditional workday hours (eg. breakfast, lunch, snack) and paired with a light meal for dinner (not included). Our set workday menu includes 2 rotating juices and a 1 almond + pressed juice mixture.

Do you provide any instructions with the cleanse?

Yes, we provide a cleanse legend that explains our recommended order of consumption as well as cleanse tips and guidelines (below):

1. Our recommended order is just a guideline. Drink what you like when you like it 🙂
2. Refrigerate ASAP.
3. Shake well before drinking.
4. Drink all juices each day for best experience.
5. Incorporate plenty of water into your cleanse.
6. Supplement with non-caffeine herbal teas.
7. Try to avoid alcohol and caffeine.
8. Take it easy on heavy exercise.
9. Fresher is better, so we recommend daily delivery/pick-up for best juice.
10. Ease into and out of the cleanse by eating lighter, more plant-based foods.

Which pressed juices can I get a la carte?

We are happy to customize which juices you’d like based on preference or allergy restrictions.  We’re always working to expand our options, but the current press menu includes:

  • Greenleaf
  • Simple Greens
  • Sweetleaf
  • Green Lemonade
  • Spicyleaf
  • G8
  • Orangeleaf
  • Wondrous Punch
  • Orange Giant
  • Zest in Show
  • Pineapple Express
  • Almond+ (Almond milk + pressed juice, rotates daily)
  • Signature Cashew Milk
  • Cashew Cold Brew
Does your cleanse include any nut milk?

Yes! Our daily cleanse menu includes two new drinks: 1. Organic Cashew Milk flavored with grade B maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and sea salt. 2. Almond + Juice (half organic almond milk + half rotating pressed juice). Please notify us beforehand if you have nut allergies.

How much notice do I need for my order?

We will always try to accommodate, but since we do fill up fast, we typically require a full 24 hours notice for pick-up at Greenleaf Pearl, 36 hours for pick-up at Greenleaf Pioneer and 36 hours for all deliveries (OHSU pick-up and more options coming soon).

Do I pick-up daily or the entire cleanse at once?

We recommend daily pick-up/delivery for optimal freshness and flavor. Our cold pressed juices are truly raw and best when consumed within 3 days of pick-up/delivery. We are happy to accommodate pick-up/delivery of both 2 and 3 days at once  if that’s more convenient for you, but strongly recommend you don’t pick up more than 3 days at a time.

When/where can I pick-up?

Greenleaf Pearl (810 NW 12th Ave)
Greenleaf Pioneer (617 SW Morrison)
Greenleaf SW Waterfront (3151 SW Moody Ave)
Greenleaf SE Grand (414 SE Grand Ave)

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Do you deliver?

We deliver juice seven days a week. We have a 6 juice minimum for all deliveries. We try to deliver between 7 and 9 AM each day. Please provide your address and phone number with your order. Please see our shop for most up to date delivery pricing.

Do you offer bulk/group pricing?

Email us at info@greenleafjuice to arrange any other group/bulk order for your office or event.

How do I get a quick answer to my cleanse question?

Please send us a message view our contact page or call our pressed juice specialists at 971.271.8988.


Greenleaf serves 100% organic, raw juice that is not treated to artificially extend shelf-life. Warning: This product has not been pasteurized and therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.  Greenleaf makes no claims on the effectiveness of juice to treat or cure illness.


Full, store-credit refunds are only offered with a full 24 hours notice before the scheduled pick-up time. Failure to complete the scheduled pick-up without proper notice will result in forfeit of that day’s juices; the order will be then placed on hold until reinstated. If canceling an order mid-cleanse, we can only offer a store-credit refund.

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